High Tower Outreach

High Tower Outreach is a group of award-winning professionals driven by faith with backgrounds in television and radio broadcast media. High Tower Outreach offers an opportunity to provide publicity and professional quality media content for nonprofit organizations that do not have the resources for effective outreach or media coverage. This includes missions, schools, orphanages, churches and other charitable organizations that are serving their communities here in the United States and around the world. With your tax-deductible donations, High Tower Outreach is able to send our team into the mission field to conduct interviews, produce video and audio recordings, and place them on Social Media, blogs, and radio and television programs. The goal is to expand the footprint of quality organizations that are hidden but nonetheless working tirelessly and lack the resources to reach out to let others know of their services.

Byline: Anew

Byline: Anew is a weekly news program focused on a variety of news headlines. Our assignment is to inform and inspire through storytelling that is real and not bound by “political correctness”. Many news outlets have become partisan in their delivery and disrespectful in many ways competing with each other no matter the cost. At Byline: Anew we choose to competitively make the difference. We want to report the news not sensationalize it. We want to encourage and inspire boldness, not promote division and strife. We want to give the audience the opportunity to participate in the discussion and put into action the power of agreement. We speak life into hostile and tragic circumstances because we believe that words ignite the fuel that impacts generations.

“Byline” is defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary as “a line at the beginning of a news story, magazine article, or book giving the writer’s name”. “Anew” is defined as “in a new or different form”. This team sees the newness springing forth in media, do you? 

Fior Hernandez

Byline: Anew host, Fior Hernández, is a seasoned journalist who puts an emphasis on prayer and faith-based stories. After years reporting for different news outlets, her passion to glorify Jesus through her work did not fit in the average newsroom, this was when the vision for Byline: Anew was birthed. 

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